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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Visit to the Museum & Art Gallery from the Friends of Bristol Museum

The Friends of Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives visited the Swindon Museum and Art gallery on Friday afternoon, after lunch a Heelis, the National Trust headqueaters. There were 44 of them, so they were divided into two groups, while Sophie Cummings, the curator of SM&AG showed half of them round the gallery, the others looked round the museum.
It was interesting to hear the gasps as people came into the art gallery and saw the paintings on display.
After Sophie's talk, it was interesting to find out more about the Bristol Friends; the membership is about 800, they seem to be a very active organisation, something to aim for in the future.
Here are a few photos of the Bristol Friends taken in the gallery:

 Sophie talking about our Mary Fedden paintings
 Sophie in front of 'Florestan'
 Above people looking round, there were complaints that the labelling was hard to read where it was low down, two people can be seen trying to read a label.
 To find out more about the Bristol Friends, please click on their website below:

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