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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Entertaining Swindon- opening night

Last night, this exhibition celebrating entertainers between 1955-85 opened in the first two rooms either side of the front door as one enters the museum. Kate Parsons, exhibition researcher, curator and designer, has spent the last few months putting together this very moving collection of memories, and if last nights preview was anything to go by, it's going to be enjoyed by lots and lots of people who remember those times, and will surprise many of those who weren't around at the time.
Those featured in the exhibition, or connected in some way to it, or Friends' committee, were invited to the opening night:
What a lovely event it was, I took a few photos
 The room on the right as you go into the building was busier than the other one because that's where the cakes were, even so it was quite hard to take photos without alarming people, it was easier to photograph Ian Doeser and friend from behind!
 In the room on the left, there are some fabulous dresses, maybe I can use this photo as a background to the Facebook page, or does it need to be landscape?

 Below Sophie Cummings, Curator of the art gallery and Ray Ward chatting
 Robert Stredder of Theatre des Bicyclettes writing on the chalk board, it's encouraged!
 Behind the changing cubicle I found a whole story board dedicated to les Bicyclettes. Wonderful that this duo, and sometimes trio are featured here
 I've included this quote which might be hard to read from Terry Johnson which I love and agree with: 'Swindon is like a village- the people of that Groundwell Farm era, are still performing'
 Here's a classic photo of les Bicyclettes, love this one.
 Here's Kate Parsons talking to Robert Stredder about something
The exhibition is open from Weds-Sat 11am-3pm until November 7th, do go and have a look, it reminds us how special Swindon is in so many ways.

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