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Friday, 28 October 2016

Conservation of the Kate Tryon Paintings

There's always a buzz around the museum these days, but this week there's been even more of a buzz than usual, with the 35 Kate Tryon paintings being restored, and also the Big Draw, run by Artsite, was held there on Wednesday.
I've seen Kate Tryon's paintings in the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate, but didn't realise there were 35 in the Collection, and had no idea what restorers would do to a painting.
They have attempted to clean the surfaces of the paintings, difficult if egg has been used because it dulls the paint. They are taking them all out of their frames, and sitting them on black velvet cord to prevent the glass sitting right against them.
 There are three people working on the conservation
 on three tables
 each one having a slightly different job.
I mentioned the free Friday lunchtime talk, and they said they would save us some swabs they had used for cleaning the paintings. This reminded me of the time we had a talk on restoring a Rembrandt, we were sent photos of dirty swabs to advertise the talk.
I also took photos of the paintings waiting to be dealt with:
 Above a painting of the manor house on Dayhouse Lane

 As you can see, Kate Tryon depicted the age, including the overflowing flower borders.

 The one above is gloriously floriferous.
I'm not sure what stage the conservation will be at by 12.30pm today, 28 October, but find out more by visiting the gallery for the free lunchtime talk.

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