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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Paint Me This Way! an exhibition by Susan Carr

Susan Carr's exhibition in the downstairs rooms at the museum is fascinating and well worth a visit if you haven't seen it already. Susan has held several talks and family events since putting up her exhibition. This is a summary of what the project she has been engaged in for the last 9 years is about:
'This exhibition shows how portraiture can be used to help individuals rediscover and celebrate their identity, even when facing the greatest challenges. It comprises 29 painted portraits, 6 sculptures and 80 collages, all designed collaboratively with 7 patients living with severe illness.'
I took some photos at the lunchtime talk on 14 July, it was packed as you can see, and so hard to see the paintings:

  At the evening talk, Susan went into more detail of the psychology behind portrait therapy, and a bit about her background and how she began working in this field
 Susan talked about these early pieces, below 'Used Garment (Between the Psychological and the Aesthetic) 1999
 and I think you can see 'Agorophobic Dress'
There was a packed house that night:
Susan will be giving a free lunchtime talk on Friday 1 September 12.30-1pm, so please go along to find out more.

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