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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Refurbishment of the Archaeology Gallery

The archaeology gallery at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery has recently been closed for refurbishment, and is now open for visitors again. Last week I went for a quick look round and was very impressed by how aesthetically pleasing it looks. The new cases are delightful, and the signage informative and bold, reminding me how important attention to detail is in creating a pleasantly educational experience. Whereas before the displays were charming, now they're enticing and draw the visitor into the gallery.
This is what I mean:
 These two vessels come from a burial found during excavations at a Romano-British cemetery in Purton, they would look lovely displayed together at home!!
The Highworth Pot looks fabulous, it's now called 'The Highworth Ceramic', I have to keep reminding myself it's from 1st-2nd Century AD, and when it broke, because it was so expensive, it was repaired by drilling holes in it, and holding the broken parts together with staples.
Below these three cases show the lovely interpretation boards and lighting which make the overall effect so good when visiting the gallery. They are showing objects form the Stone Age 6000-2500BC, The Bronze Age 2500-800BC and the Iron Age 800BC-AD43
The model of the Iron Age Roundhouse has pride of place in the centre of the gallery and looks rather good:
The roundhouse was based on those found at Groundwell, St.Andrews, Swindon. People and animals often lived together in these roundhouses making the most of space and warmth.

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