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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Cicatrix Exhibition

The Cicatrix exhibition in the main gallery opened with a Private View on 13 October, this was followed by a Clark Holt sponsored evening a week later, and then there was an evening organised by the Friends when Katie Ackrill walked around the exhibition with artists Prudence Maltby, Susan Francis, Henny Burnett and Caro Williams
I took photos at each event which I'll share with you below.
 They're in chronological order, so we're starting with the PV where the wine was donated by the Australian High Commission
 There were speeches and lots of people
 It's almost possible to see the High Sheriff, Nicky Alberry in the blue dress talking with Sophie Cummings on her left as you look at the photo.
 And then there was the Clark Holt evening:
 Sophie and Jeremy Holt exchanging a few words
 before Sophie led the gathered people around the Cicatrix exhibition starting with Henny Burnett's 100 Wiltshire Towers
 and moving onto this large, expressive painting by Australian artist, Sophie Cape
 and then to Prudence Maltby's drawings
 and Catherine Farish's images of indigenous Canadian soldiers photographed before they came to train on Salisbury Plain.
Next photos taken at the Friends' talk the following week, strangely these are the best photos, if I'm allowed to say that. I hope people get this far!!!
 Above talking to Susan Francis about her film and the other things around it, and below talkign about the remarkable photos of indigenous Canadians wearing headresses
 another view of Prudence Maltby's drawings
 and I like this photo through the branches
 here's Caro Williamd explaining about her bird song installations
 and finally some time was spent explaining which pieces the artists had chosen to go on display on the grey wall from the Swindon Collection to accompany the Cicatrix exhibition. Caro Williams particularly likes the Captain Cook painting by Patrick Hayman, when he landed in New Zealand, the noise of the birds was so great, he had to sleep on the ship to escape the noise. Caro can be seen below talking about the painting.
If you haven't yet seen the exhibition, it's well worth a visit.
There's also a lovely reference to the exhibition on the council's website.

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