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Monday, 15 October 2012

Denys Hodson's Talk and Britain From Above

Denys was concerned that giving his third talk in recent times, he would be repeating himself, but he succeeded in captivating his audience once more.

He gave an overview to the gallery, commenting that hangs need to be changed regularly , and this one had overstayed it's welcome. The faulty labelling was one aspect he mentioned, labels should be capable of being read, these being underneath are not. To find any painting recently catalogued, including our Swindon Collection, you can go to:
Denys commented on the fact that the Swindon collection is missing a painting by Sickert, although there is one of his pupils, Sylvia Goss in the collection.
I had not appreciated these two paintings before:
 'Still Life with Boats, St. Ives' Christopher Wood
'Winter in Pendlebury' LS Lowry
More information on both these paintings can be found in the book 'The Swindon Collectionof Twentieth Century British Art' first published in 1991 by Thamesdown Borough Council ISBN 1 871853 02 8

Fast forward to the evening talk by Sandra Brauer of English Heritage, she is the activities officer for the project which is cataloguing 1.2 million images bought in 2007 taken between 1919 and 2006.
It's a fascinating project, to find out more, visit:
Next talk: 'Smashing pots' by Mike Yates 26th of October at 7.30pm

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