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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Journal covers

Click on the link to the right and see a history of the Journal through cover illustrations.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Action! Private View on Thursday 13th February

It was more of a celebration than a Private View really; at last we had a new exhibition of paintings in the art gallery and those attending were obviously very pleased that Swindon's Museum and Art Gallery is moving forward and ready to encourage as wide an audience as possible.
The Friends supplied the refreshments, Helen Miah and Sophie Cummings both gave speeches, and the event was as friendly as I've ever known such an event.
Have a look at a few photos:
 Above Helen Miah talking about the exhibition
 A few familiar faces above, and Sophie talking about the challenges of taking down the last exhibition, getting the gallery painted and this exhibition put up.
 Below there's David Renard on the right and Erik Burnett-Godfree behind him.
Attendance at the event was by invitation, or by virtue of being a Friend.
Do try and go to see the exhibition, it's open Weds-Sat inclusive from 11am-3pm

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Some of the Museum's Wonderful Collection of Wild Life is on Show

Apart from visiting the new hang in the art gallery, part of the amazing collection of birds, mammals, fish and butterflies is now on show in the two downstairs rooms on either side of the front door.
I took photographs before the displays were finished, but you can see how splendid some of them are:
 Above various sorts of ducks, and below a fish mounted on wood, by now this should be above the fireplace.
 Below a dark photo of a case containing 4 badgers.

And here a lovely pair of puffins.
Pick of the month features Carleton Attwood's maquette of 'The Watchers' seen below:
and his painting  'Magnolia'.  Carleton Attwood was also responsible for making
the gatekeeper lion in the town centre.