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Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Visit to Sasha Ward's Studio

We are eagerly anticipating Sasha Ward's talk on 26th March at 7.30pm to tell us about her summer at Kelmscott Manor where she was their first Artist in Residence. I missed the talk she gave in Oxford, and fortunately we're getting a second chance to find out about her residency.
 We are thrilled that we have her coming to share with us what it was like to be working in the fabulous location, I want to say 'walking in the footsteps of William Morris', but ought to resist that!
Sasha's blog also gives us an idea of what she has been thinking about at:
I snapped away with the camera in the studio where there were some lovely glass pieces against the large windows, some from the residency:

Below the glass cutting table:
 The glass kiln:
Below a test piece showing according to Sasha how easy it can be to make wonderful pieces by using lots of different coloured  stained glass
So make a note of the date in your diary and come along to find out more.
I'll add the poster of the Oxford talk although it's a bit blurry:

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