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Monday, 1 December 2014

Swindon Remembering 1914-18

Following on from the AGM on the 7th November, we were fortunate enough to have Mike Pringle talk about the First World War. His talk was extremely engaging and down to earth, giving real examples of how people were affected by living through this time, and of course many didn't live through this time, but sadly died.
I sat back and relaxed through the talk as Mike brandished a sword to make a point, and show things on the screen when he showed us slides.
The beautifully illustrated book on WWI is available form Pen and Paper, the museum, and many other places around the town. I would highly recommend it, if you are not in Swindon it's ISBN number is: 987-0-7509-5610-9 and it's published by the History Press
 I went to the book launch and was lucky enough to be given some special chocolate:
The talk finished with what was given to soldiers before they went over the top out of the trenches- a tot of rum. A very nice way to end the talk.
More on Mike Pringle at
Also see his exhibition at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery:

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