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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Improving the Look of Our Printed Materials

Christmas and New Year are great for getting together and celebrating during the shortest days of the year, but not so good for holding Friends committee meetings and making decisions about things like the future of our much loved Journal, because people are too busy.
Four of us met recently in Ray's Marlborough studio to discuss the way forward for the Journal under the joint editorship of Ray Ward and Paul Ricketts, with John Walsh, former editor acting in an advisory capacity.

 I think it was agreed that the content of the Journal is good, but the look of it needs updating.  The A5 format is also popular, and so will remain, what will change is the cover and centre pages will be in colour, and Ray will provide an illustration for each Journal, but it will be inside rather than on the cover. One of Tim Carroll's 100 Views of Swindon will appear on the cover; they can be seen by clicking on number 15 on Tim's website.
Journals should be available three times a year, at the beginning of the months of April, August and December.
The flyers and posters advertising our talks will also have colour illustrations and we are going to use the blue door illustration, already seen on the Joining Form on our publications as a logo:
Ray's studio has many pieces of his work on the walls, and hanging in loops from the ceiling, as you can just about see from the photos of our meeting. I'm annoyed with myself that I snapped rather than carefully took these photos:

The drawings above and below were used to illustrate the book by poet and author Adam Thorpe, On Silbury Hill.   Ray's website has lots more photos of the illustrations.

Anticipating a colourful 2015.

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