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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Present Tense exhibition January 14th- April 18th

There's a new exhibition opening this Wednesday, January 14th, at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, it forms part of the MODERN ART IN BRITAIN series, featuring more than 40 works from the Swindon Collection.
It's one of the five Frameworks exhibitions across 5 venues including Bristol Museum and  Art Gallery, The Holburne Museum, Swindon Museum and Art gallery, Victoria Art Gallery and the Wilson.
'Present Tense showcases contemporary painting and photography form the Swindon Collection and includes works by Lisa Milroy, Eileen Cooper, John Greenwood, Mary Fedden and Denis Creffield. The exhibition challenges the idea that contemporary art is elitist and incomprehensible and it instead investigates the way artists continue to react to the world around them and create new realities.'
I was allowed a quick preview on Friday when these photos were taken for me:
 Above me looking at Lisa Milroy's 'Small Objects'
 Above a long view, and below photographs from inside a washing machine
 Below Tony Bevan's 'Head'
Below John Ringwood's 'Rings and Strings and Things in the distance

Just in view the wonderful bulls
I went into the museum on Saturday and took a few photos from the door, only one of which is vaguely any good.

 In addition to the exhibition, there are 4 different talks associated with this exhibition:
29th January 6.30pm An Introduction to British Contemporary Art by Sophie Cummings
2nd February 6.30pm On the Pleasure of Painting by Lisa Milroy
5th March 12.30pm and 2nd April 12.30pm tour of exhibition by Sophie Cummings (FREE)
19th March 6.30pm 6.30pm Modern Grotesque by John Greenwood

All talks apart from the free ones are £3.50 to Friends/£4.50 to Non Friends

There is an additional talk on February 13th at 6.30pm by Sophie on Romance in Modern Art

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