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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Quick Guide to Talks at the Museum & Art Gallery

The new exhibition entitled 'Present Tense' is now open. I went along yesterday with my 4 year old grandson to have a look, he along with the other schoolchildren there, bounced around enjoying some images and ignoring others. He was particularly fascinated by John Greenwood's 'Rings and Strings and Things', I wish he was old enough to come to the talk on the 19th of March and find out more.

Do go along and have a look at the exhibition, it's as we have come to expect, beautifully assembled and presented.

 In addition to the exhibition, there are 4 different museum talks associated with this exhibition:

29th January 6.30pm An Introduction to British Contemporary Art by Sophie Cummings
2nd February 6.30pm On the Pleasure of Painting by Lisa Milroy
5th March 12.30pm and 2nd April 12.30pm tour of exhibition by Sophie Cummings (FREE)
19th March 6.30pm 6.30pm Modern Grotesque by John Greenwood

All talks apart from the free ones are £3.50 to Friends/£4.50 to Non Friends

There is an additional talk on February 13th at 6.30pm by Sophie on Romance in Modern Art

The Friends talks are as follows:

26th February 7.30pm Life of a Military Attache in Poland 1988-1992 by Major Jeremy York
9th March 2pm Trip and Gallery talk at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
26th March 7.30pm Being Artist in residence at Kelmscott Manor by Sasha Ward
30th April 7.30pm Cecil Collins, Artist, Teacher and Myth Maker by David Cuthbert

The Friends talks are £4 to Friends and £5 to those who haven't yet joined the Friends.
Illustrated hard copies with more information about these events is available from the museum reception desk.
Below a photo of some of the children visiting yesterday:

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