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Thursday, 12 March 2015

32 works from Swindon Collection are at the Holburne Museum!

I was very keen to go to the opening night of this Frameworks exhibition at the Holburne Museum on March 1 to see which works contemporary artist, Dexter Dalwood, had chosen for this exhibition from the Swindon Collection.
The theme is Home and the World with domestic stability being pitched against artistic innovation, with in some cases a longing look elsewhere; the exhibition celebrates the response of our greatest artists to the extraordinary changes in  20th Century Britain.
The exhibition is on the top floor of the Holburne, here's the entrance featuring part of Christopher Wood's 'Still Life with Boats':
 The exhibition has been beautifully put together with excellent information attached to the titles, they're very readable and informative.
 I felt a bit self conscious taking photos because there were so many people at the opening, below you can just see someone looking at Alfred Wallis' 'Ship amongst the Tall Waves', and Duncan Grant's 'Standing Woman'
 At one point, John Nash's 'Dredgers, Bristol Docks' didn't have anyone in front of it, so I took a photo.
 There was a great reaction to this exhibition from those present and much praise for the Swindon Collection, including one person who said 'These paintings can't be from the Swindon Collection.' On hearing they definitely were from the Swindon Collection said 'Where did they get them from?'
One of the great advantages of the Frameworks exhibitions, Modern Art in Britain, being the latest is that paintings from the Swindon Collection have been loaned to The Wilson in Cheltenham, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, the Holburne Museum and Victoria Art Gallery, reaching a much wider audience than normal. I'm hoping we may even be able to encourage people to visit the Swindon Collection at home!
It's really worth visiting the Holburne Museum in Bath to see this superb exhibition which runs until 7 June

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