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Friday 17 April 2015

Grand Unveiling of New Ceramics

I was lucky enough to be invited to the unveiling of two ceramic pieces last Tuesday, it was a lovely event, with the ceramicists in attendance, ready to talk about their work. I wasn't able to be there for the speeches, but there were handouts, so I have explanations and quotes from the makers. Text below in inverted commas is taken directly from the handouts.
Firstly Fenella Elms' Large Flow Pot, c 2013

'Flow Pot is made in blended blue and white porcelain. A slab built pot has been covered with thousands of handmade porcelain petals or bead. These are arranged in spontaneous flows which echo the patterns of running water, feathers or scales. This pot was made over a long period of intense and absorbed work, with each petal placed individually onto the surface of the pot.'
And here's Grant Aston's Radioactivitat
'This hand built stoneware piece is carefully constructed using repeated forms, this is the oldest form of pottery, and is made by hand with simple tools, not by using a wheel. It is a highly sculptural technique and is often used by contemporary ceramicists to create complicated, abstract and sculptural work.'
After chatting to Grant about the piece, I asked him to stand in front of it:
 And then took one of Fenella and Grant chatting
 And a general view:
Both pieces are on display at the moment, in the Present Tense exhibition comes down after this Saturday, so hurry on in there. 
There's information about the donation of the Flow Pot by the contemporary Arts Society here  

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