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Friday, 15 May 2015

'The Arts In Art' the current exhibition in the main gallery

I went along on the first day this exhibition opened to have a look at what might sound like an odd title for an exhibition, but it turns out that Sophie Cummings, the Curator has done a brilliant job, with a brilliant mix of different works. The signage on the walls is particularly outstanding, as is the new yellow paint on some of the walls.
The idea of including a few photos of the exhibition is to show you a few of the works, and encourage you to go along and have a look in person.
 There's a great storyboard on the right as you go in, but I won't include it here, better to read it for yourself. Directly under the title are Conwy-Evans' drawings, one of which is seen below:
 It's one of my favourite pieces, entitled 'Two Designs for the Wyvern Theatre' 1960s, by Joyce Conwy-Evans
 Above Michael Ayrton's Caged Birds' 1955
Then more views:

 Also loved this 'Women in White' by Walter Poole

 And 'Costume for Genet's 'The blacks' 1969 by Yolanda Sonnabend, seen also below:

 Then Frank Quinton's watercolour of 'The Mechanics Institute, Swindon', purchased 1984

 Another famous building in Swindon, 'The Corn Exchange or Locarno' by Harold Dearden, presented in 1970s.

  The fab painting of the 'Theatre Royal, Bath, the Garrick's Head' 1947 by Lord Methuen
 'Nature Morte' c 1948 by William Roberts is great

 Lastly 'Portrait of the author WB Yeats' by Augustus John
And also on the way in, a great piece of sculpture by Carleton Attwood

 The exhibition can be seen until September 12, it's a great experience, go and have a look, it's free, anytime between Wed-Sat 1100-1500.

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