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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Relocation Plans in the News

You may have seen Monday's Telegraph piece: on Swindon's bid to build a new museum and art gallery in the cultural quarter.
Then Tuesday's piece in the Times:

 on Swindon's plan to become a cultural destination, and today in the local paper, the Swindon Advertiser, a further piece on this theme:
But why the negativity about the place?
People do choose to live here and enjoy living here.
And FLIC Wiltshire's response with a good piece by Angela Atkinson:
I will also include a flyer by Mark Worrall who is taking part in this years Swindon Open Studios:

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

FLYER for TALKS and TRIPS Autumn 2015

The new flyer for the Autumn talk series is ready and you should be receiving it soon until then it is posted below. We hope you like the look of the new programme and look forward to seeing you between now and Christmas.

Friends have priority booking for 14 days from 19.08.2015, remember to book talks via the museum and trips via Linda.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New TALKS & TRIPS for Autumn

We've just finalised the talks and trips for autumn and hope there is something in there for everyone. Remember each time you attend you are not just learning something new and having a good time but helping SM&AG towards the brighter future Swindon deserves. Obviously after such an introduction you might be expecting the next bit - we have made a small price increase on talks but at £5 for Friends and £7 for Non Friends I'm sure you'll agree it's still pretty good value. Tickets and prices for trips are not available yet but you will be receiving the Journal and flyer for the new series very soon.

Friends have priority booking for 7 days from 17.08.15. Tickets are available for talks call the museum on 01793 466556 (not available yet) and for trips email Linda Kasmaty at or phone on 01793 527149

In celebration of 10 years of the National Trust in Swindon we have three themed events.

On Thursday 24 September (7.30 at SM&AG) Tom Freshwater of Trust New Art will be talking about the many exciting contemporary art programmes he has been involved with at National Trust sites.

Wednesday 30 September (Meet at 10.30 at Rabley Drawing Centre, Rabley, Marlborough, SN8 2LW, £10, Friends only) trip to Rabley Drawing Centre. An introduction from director Meryl Ainslie followed by a chance to meet the artist Sara Lee and a printmaking demonstration with Sara and gallery assistant Amy Jane Blackhall.

Thursday 29 October (7.30 at SM&AG) Dr Nicola Snashall gives an account of the recent excavations at West Kennet Avenue, Avebury.

Friday 6 November (12.15 - 2.30 meet at Heelis, Swindon, SN2 2NA, £5, Friends only) A guided tour of the National Trust Headquarters at Heelis.

Wednesday 18 November (10 - 1.00 at SM&AG, £10, Friends only) Return visit for the Friends of Rabley Drawing School. A chance to meet over coffee and cake , followed by a talk from Sophie Cummings who will be showing something special from the archive.

Thursday 26 November AGM (6.30 SM&AG, Free event) Followed by a talk by Dr Mike Pringle from the Richard Jefferies Museum.

Thursday 10 December (7.30 at SM&AG) Angels in Art with Madeleine Emeraldart historian and lecturer, who will examine the painted ceiling in St John’s Church, Hoxton, London and consider whether the angels depicted here should be considered part of the Pre-Raphaelite tradition.