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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Going to Town: Scenes of Urban Life

This fabulous new exhibition opened last week, and runs until 12 March.
From LS Lowry to Swindon artist Walter Poole, urban life and landscapes inspired many modern artists.
This exhibition features interiors, townscapes, factories and ruins depicted by modern British artists. It includes work by Robert Bevan, John Nash, Leon Kossoff and Sylvia Gosse.
It features many works not seen for a long time, as well as old favourites, the works are grouped  together logically making the exhibition flow really well from one area to another.
I went along to the Private View on Tuesday 29 September, and took the following photos:
 Below, appropriately enough, 'The Printer' by Sylvia Gosse takes centre stage under the Work and Industry heading.
 Under the actual title of the exhibition, there's the fantastic 'Tower Bridge, London- A War-time Nocturne by Sir Claude Francis Barry
 Below there's The Urban Interior' and 'Swindon's Street Life' with some great examples of paintings of Swindon streets, including a Harold Dearden painting of the old prefab library.

 I like this painting by Paul Rudall of 'The Pavilion, Old Town Gardens' painted in 1947. Commissioned by Swindon Corporation!
 The painting below has been used to advertise the exhibition
 And here's some information about it:
There are also many more postcards available, so after having a look at the exhibition, you can go and buy postcards of several of your favourite paintings.
 Curator of the exhibition, Sophie Cummings gave an interesting talk on the new exhibition on Friday lunchtime from 12.30pm onwards giving those present a real insight into how she had put the exhibition together, and then focused on a few of the paintings and invited discussion about others.
Sophie's next talk could go in the diary now:

FREE lunch time talk focusing on Craigie Aitchison

Friday, 30 October | 12.30 pm - 1.00 pm
Join our Curator for this FREE lunch time talk focusing on Craigie Aitchison. 

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