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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Rabley Drawing Centre Friends visit us

having had a really wonderful visit to Rabley Drawing Centre on 30 September, we were very pleased to be able to offer refreshments to the Rabley Drawing Centre Friends yesterday. They arrived about 10am and we offered coffee and masses of cake made by the committee:
 Quite a few of our Friends came along as well; proceedings began with a chat by Meryl Ainslie, director of Rabley, followed by a talk by Sophie Cummings, curator of the collection who gave a short history of Swindon and the museum and art gallery
 and then talked about the Going to Town exhibition
she wandered around talking about various aspects and paintings in the exhibition.

I find it hard to delete photos, from the posts, so probably add too many, but like these for different reasons, and think they give a good idea of the atmosphere. After the talk, Sophie gave conducted tours of the stores, I didn't go in there, and photos weren't allowed anyway, but people liked what they had seen in there.
Sue Gray also took some photos and sent these to me:
 Above Meryl talking to Rabley Friends, and below Rosemary Savage chatting
 A good one of Sophie and Meryl

 And this is a clever photo of Sophie taken through the ceramics cabinet
I think there were about 30 people altogether and almost all the cake was eaten after a very cautious start to the cake eating, people quickly began eating it.

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