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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Two Events at SM&AG On Friday

It felt as though I'd almost moved into the museum last week, there was the Friends' talk on Thursday evening, then Sophie Cummings gave an excellent talk on Craigie Aitchison at 12.30pm on Friday lunchtime:
 The talk  was well attended, and very rewarding; we were encouraged to look back from the larger works, and be drawn in to the smaller ones, and stand for some time in front of those we liked so we could fully appreciate them.
Later on, I was back for the Private View of the Craigie Aitchison exhibition, here's Meryl Ainslie of the Rabley Drawing Centre who was instrumental in bringing together these wonderful pieces, many from private collections, so we have examples of work from each decade of his life. As Meryl pointed out, we will never be able to see these works together again, so it's a privilege to see the exhibition.
Above Meryl talking about the exhibition, and to her left Cllr Mattock who also spoke about how pleased he was to see the exhibition and success of the gallery.
 The evening was well attended and gave people a chance to chat to each other; from my point of view, it was useful to meet a few people who wanted to join the Friends, and also give talks in 2016. It's going to be a good year.

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