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Monday, 29 February 2016

Grayson Perry's Perfume Bottle and Stoppers

Sophie Cummings, Curator at the museum and art gallery, gives regular free lunchtime talks between 12.30-1pm. These have become increasingly popular, and last Friday's talk was no exception, there were about 22 people at Friday's talk on the recently acquired early Grayson Perry perfume bottle with a range of stoppers. The first photo shows some of the crowd.
 Sophie as ever had researched Grayson Perry's career with entertaining features, like the reasons for giving the name Grayson to a child born in 1960, and the fact his father was a wrestler in the evenings. I have tried to photograph the perfume bottle on previous ocassions:
 the stoppers don't come out well either
And from the other side taken during the Craigie exhibition.
After the talk, it's good to be able to ask questions, someone asked why add a Grayson Perry to the collection? Sophie felt it was good to have an example of his work because he is a good communicator and produces some very interesting work. Why the early work? Well that's easy, his later works now fetch upwards of £100k
Details of the talks appear on the website: and on this flyer:

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