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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

From Where I'm Standing

Friends committee members were fortunate enough to be invited to another wonderful private view evening. Thanks to the hard work and inspiration of curator Sophie Cummings this show brought together ten accomplished and renowned ceramicists who live and work in the locality. Each artist chose a work from the collection which had either influenced them in the past or was completely new to them. For those who know the collection well it was an opportunity to see some of our favourite artworks anew and whatever our response this startling exhibition reignites that love in an intimate and personal way. Although Friends never need an excuse to visit the gallery this show is really worth seeing along with 'Still Life' another new exhibition showing works from the collection in the south of the gallery.

Nicky Alberry and Sophie Cummings open the new ceramics show 'From Where I'm Standing'.

Mark Golder and Brian Thompson alongside Sarah Purvey's work and Basil Beattie painting

Graham Sutherland pictures behind 4 four Joanna Still pieces

Three ceramicists

Face to face with Claire Loder's video inspired 
by Richard Jefferies and her Grandfather poet

Jo Taylor took this oval shape from the 
Nicholas Horsfield painting
 'Evening downstream towards 'Vernon'

These exquisite Keith Varney vessels echoed 
the letter stencil painting of Tom Phillips

Peter Hayes worked from the Highworth Pot 
which is in the archaeology section

Fenella Elms response to the Peter Simpson piece 
she remembered from her time at Swindon College

Appreciating art No. 1

Appreciating art No. 2

Sasha Wardell trained in Stoke on Trent and she looked at the 
Julian Trevelyan painting 'The Potteries'

Exuberant Patricia Volk and the Howard Hodgkin painting she worked from

Painting 1 by Charles Howard and pieces by Mary-Jane Evans