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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Christopher Le Brun is Coming to Swindon On 15 February

Yes it's true, Christopher Le Brun, is coming to Swindon for one of our 'in conversation' evenings, to be held at Swindon Dance in the Town Hall, SN1 1QF,  with Curator Sophie Cummings. We have 98 tickets to sell for the event, and I'm now advertising this fact so that as many people hear about it as possible, and don't miss out.
Looking up Christopher Le Brun's influence is easy, he's been involved in so many things.
 In recent years he has been a trustee of the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Royal (formerly Prince’s) Drawing School, which he helped to establish in 2000. In the same year he was elected Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy.
 He was elected President of the Royal Academy in December 2011. He is the 26th President since Sir Joshua Reynolds and the youngest to be elected since Lord Leighton in 1878.
His CV is so extensive, he has a selected CV on the RA website; he has work in 54 permanent collections according to my rough counting. Wikipedia has this:
Known as a painter primarily, Christopher Le Brun also has made some magnificent sculptures, like these I came across at Roche Court on one of our trips in 2016
It was so stunning, I photographed it from several angles

It is similar to 'Union-Horse with two Discs,  situated outside the Museum of London
another superb sculpture also in the sculpture park is this one:
It's 35 years since Christopher Le Brun's painting 'Hyperion' entered the Swindon Collection
it's a Titan of a painting:
I found a concise reference to Christopher Le Brun's work:

Citing Romanticism and Symbolism among his inspirations, as well as musical compositions, literature, and his own materials, Christopher Le Brun produces expressive paintings, prints, and sculptures that range from abstract to representational. Working from intuition and with intention, he reveals his process and his hand in everything he makes. “At least half, if not more, of the driver of my work is the engagement with materials,” he has said. For his sculptures, he works in bronze and relies on motifs that include horses, wings, and semi-abstract forms suggesting human figures. He paints in oils and watercolor, building up his compositions with visible layers and brushstrokes. Rather than honing a particular style, Le Brun prefers to challenge himself with new projects and approaches.

I'm really looking forward to this talk, and hope you can come along. Tickets available from Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Wed-Sat 11am-3pm or online at
The talk starts at 7.30pm and tickets are £6 for Friends and £8 if you're not yet a Friend, although you can join on the night.

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