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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Picasso's Linocuts talk

Last Thursday, 31 August, Peter Davies gave us an evening talk entitled Picasso's linocuts in the gallery at the museum. It was a sell out, with a fabulous atmosphere, and when you look up Peter on Google, you can see why, he has a reputation for writing books about art and is passionately keen about his subject.
Not to be confused with the painter Peter Davies, our speaker makes linocuts himself, and talked a little bit about about that process.
This was one of my favourites, Still Life under a Lamp' 1962, bought in 2013 by the British Museum:
The slides of the linocuts were lovely, and the image of Picasso's posters attached to lamp posts ready for the taking was a fascinating one, Peter needed to be encouraged to stop reading essential quotes and talk about the linocuts.
Here's a photo of the audience:
and the poster Ray Ward made to advertise the talk:
Such a great subject. Our next talk is by Cathy Lomax on Thursday 28 September at 7.30pm. Tickets and museum reception.

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