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Monday, 7 May 2018

Jon Ratcliffe's unseen Swindon

Jon's sell out talk was a real success, a professional photographer with a fantastic eye for the unexpectedly interesting, his talk and photos were really fascinating. We're fortunate that Jon sent me some photos and a biography. This is what Jon says about himself:

I am a professional photographer focusing on long-term urban regeneration and infrastructure projects in the UK. I enjoy architecture and landscape photography and qualified in 2012 after studying Professional Photography through the University of Gloucestershire at New College in Swindon. Projects have ranged from photographing artwork on an unopened road in the dead of night in Swindon, to getting the last scenes of dereliction in the old Swindon College at Regent Circus and capturing the building and commissioning of new London Underground trains in Derby and London. The history of our town sometimes seems quite intangible, but there’s far more of it just under the surface if you care to look a bit closer.

Above: Swindon’s David Murray John building on a beautifully clear day
Above: The new upper floor of the old Foundry/Long Shop building as work goes on to convert it into the latest extension of the Outlet Village
This is Aspen House on Temple Street wrapped up and being prepared for demolition
and these are: The tunnels underneath the Health Hydro that supplied hot water and steam to the public baths
and is this one my favourite. I'm not sure, it's The Renault Building, one of the UK’s youngest listed buildings, at Westmead.
After those superb photos, my photo of Jon taken during talk seems very tame and badly composed.

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