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Saturday 29 December 2018

Collective- an open art exhibition, first impressions

There's been lots of interest generated at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery by the latest exhibition in the main gallery featuring work by artists from the region. This is what their website says about the exhibition:
'Collective – an open art exhibition, is a first for Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.
The panel of judges (Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s Curator, Sophie Cummings; Mark Pepperall, owner of Oink Gallery and Caroline Day, Artist) selected 50 works to appear in this exhibition.
All works in the exhibition are available to purchase.
Owner of Oink Gallery, Mark Pepperall, selected ‘Fallen‘ by Cate Watson as “the most original and well executed piece submitted” and Tim Carroll’s ‘Waiting Room‘ was selected by curator Sophie Cummings for his “work of art that embodies the creativity and vitality of the regional art scene”.  Both of these artists won prizes from Oink Gallery and icanFRAME.'
I went along on the first day to have a look and took these photos, the first one is on the wall facing you as you walk into the gallery, and is Tim Carroll's 'Waiting Room' selected by Sophie Cummings
 I took a few general photos of the exhibition
 it looks really good
 I'm not sure the photos work if you haven't seen the exhibition, but they are a record of what it looked like
 this is the wall round the corner by the fire escape.
 I tried this angle, but I'm not sure it's any better than the others.
 I liked the large wall displays giving information about the exhibition, this one below explains that Collective is the first open art exhibition, held at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery since it was founded in the 1920s.
 followed by a panel listing artists taking part in the exhibition
I took a few photos of various pieces including this one 'Constantine Bay, Winter' by Lynn Keddie
 and Ken White's 'Canal Cyclists'
 Gordon Dickinson's 'Jaws 3'
 and Sally Taylor's 'Traces' made from fabric, natural dyes, stitch and ephemera.
 The gallery came to life that night at the private view where artists taking part were invited to see their work in the gallery.

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