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Monday, 12 October 2020

Art On Tour Goes Outdoors!

Yes that's right, the fabulous Art On Tour duo, Katie Ackrill and Mags Parker bring you Art on Trees in Swindon Parks for the whole of October.  It's a great idea, and of doesn't involve actual artworks being strapped to trees, but photographs of 10 paintings appear on banners with extra information, and they are then tied to trees. It's a great way to encourage families to get outside into parks before we descend into winter.

This initiative started last week in the Town Gardens, and somehow the week flew by, and I suddenly remembered last night that I hadn't been to photograph all ten of the artworks. I was up bright and early this morning, arriving at the Town Gardens before 9am, and was pleased to see the poster on the gate advertising Art on Trees, but on entering the park, I noticed the first poster featuring the work 'Girl Selling Flowers' by Desmond Morris had disappeared. I looked round and saw that 'Studland Bay - A Black Sea Coast' by Roger Fry was still on its tree. Walking towards the rose garden, I noticed Katie and Mags beside a tree with 'Ship Amid Tall Waves' by Alfred Wallis, they were in the process of taking down the display and moving it to Coate Water.

Here are the photos I managed to take, sadly I'd missed quite a lot of the pictures, you can see them on the website, or by visiting Coate Water this week, a much better option.

After this I went round with them as they took down the rest of the banners:
Above 'Back of the Granary, Poland' by Robert Bevan, and below Katie undoing the ties

I did manage to see half the works

It's worth a trip to see all of them at Coate Water this week, then they move onto Stanton Park, and Lydiard Park. To find out more about the outdoor activities offered by Art on Tour, do have a look at their website

There's a post about outdoor sculpture, and information to start you thinking about it. Which brings me neatly round to our next Zoom talk on 22 October, by sculptor Joseph Ingleby on his sculpture 'Turtle Storm' which has been in Queens Park by the pond for quite a number of years. Here's a reminder of what it looks like:

I've also found a poster with all the dates on it: