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Tuesday 1 November 2022

Public Engagement Event 19 October to Share Plans

 The public engagement event held at the Civic Offices on the 19th of October, advertised in the previous post, was very well attended, so much so that it was moved into the Council Chamber where the Power Point presentation could be seen with great clarity. The slides can be seen here, and also below. Frances Yeo, Museums Manager gave the presentation and answered questions afterwards. She was joined by Cllr Matty Courtliff, and Claire Andrews. There was a BBC news article covering the evening, and an Adver article with more quotes from Frances Yeo, and an update on the Gharial which won't be ready in time for the opening. And yet another article saying much the same thing.

I think it's fair to say there was a real buzz that evening around the plans to house the museum and art gallery in the Civic Offices, it's a wonderful building, and will offer much more space for the art and museum collections, as well as storage on site. Frances Yeo gave a very professional presentation and took on board comments made by those attending.

Here are the slides:

In order to see this slide properly, you will need to see the original slide by clicking on the first link above

It's wonderful to think that schools will be able to visit, there will be room for research and a library.

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